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Some Construction Details

This is a photo of the collapsed monopod leg that I use as a truss tube. It collapses down to a size that fits in the suitcase. Note the captive 1/4 turn fastener which attaches the tube to the diagonal cage. The bottom of the monopod leg was turned down on a lathe to fit into the truss tube clamp block on the mirror box.

This is a close-up photo of the diagonal cage. In order to make the cage thin enough to fit into the suitcase I had to modify a Novak diagonal holder such that the diagonal vanes went through the body of the diagonal holder. This arrangement protects the diagonal mirror and provides for a positive locking adjustment. The design of the diagonal holder is discussed here.

This is a close-up photo of the interior of the mirror box. The mirror is mounted in an 18-point floatation cell with seatbelt webbing attached to the sides of the box. A clamp at the top of the inside of the box keeps the mirror from shifting during transit. The clamp is activated by thumb screws accessible from the outside top of the box. Details of mirror box and clamp design.

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