Jack Gelfand Cosmic Microwave Background


Timo Stein and Christopher Forster, two young amateur astronomers in Germany, constructed a microwave radiometer that is similar to my apparatus. They used the full 1 meter TV dish antenna. This gives them a higher spatial resolution, but has the problem of spurios reflections from the framework of the dish antenna. In order to avoid this they have surrounded their antenna with a shield made of rabbit fence mesh and aluminum foil. This is visible in the photograph on the left.

Read their full paper in Sterne und Weltraum in German here.
English version here.

Michel Piat, a Professor at the Paris Diderot University, has also constructed a similar apparatus. To avoid scattering around the edges of the dish he adds a larger dish antenna around the smaller primary parabolic reflector. See his web page, http://www.apc.univ-paris7.fr/~piat/Michel_Piats_site/Lexperience_PW.html