Parts and Construction Details


Hewlett Packard Model 432A RF Power Meter - eBay - $200 - $300 Must come with thermistor mount and cable. Everything depends on this instrument. It pays to buy one in good condition that has been recently calibrated.

Pope Scientific open mouth Dewar Flask 5 liters I.D. 17.5 cm Depth 35 cm - eBay - $200, Cold temperature calibration, sometime called a Cold Load

Insulated chimney pipe, 6 inches inner diameter, 9 inches long, ambient temperature calibration

Pope Scientific narrow neck storage Dewar flask 5 liter capacity eBay - $250 May be needed to transport liquid nitrogen from purchase point to measurement site.

Advanced Receiver Research DC-INJ 12 Volt DC power injector new $50

Two Cavity RF Filter 1 GHz center frequency 50 MHz bandwidth eBay - $50

12 volt regulated DC power supply eBay - $50-$100

Laird Technologies RF Foam Microwave absorber #4106-.25 0.25" thickness Available at Mouser Electronics

Avenger Satellite TV Low Noise Block (antenna, preamp, converter) eBay - $12

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